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AMANTECH - A Vocational Training Institute for All!

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Philanthropy is an act of God but without the human representatives who endeavor to step up in order to decipher the code of philanthropy for humanity the whole concept remains a myth itself. Allah Almighty chooses some amongst his beings to widespread this Act of God amongst the unfortunate suffering humanity. Talking about such noble representatives being a Pakistani & Karachiite I cannot forget a name known globally for being a business tycoon but deep within him hides a philanthropist & for sure I talk about Mr. Arif Naqvi.

For those of my fellow countrymen unknown to the personality’s name, must be aware of a non-for-profit Organization named Aman Foundation. Established in the year 2008, the foundation is the result of a generous funding of US$ 100 million from Aman Trust which represents Mr. Arif Naqvi & his family. In this very short span of time Aman foundation has gained repute for every act of socio-economic development it started. Amongst the noticeable projects are Aman health which serves the medical needs of human population by providing ambulance services & free telephonic medical prescriptions from a team of medical doctors, Aman Ghar which serves nutritional needs of the children from low income backgrounds by providing them meals, while other projects like Aman Sports promote the need of physical sporting activity amongst the youth.

Education forms the basis of the core needs of any society, realizing this fact the Aman Education project helped an international project Teach for Pakistan which aims to utilize the best amongst literate young generation of today to educate those children who find themselves deprived from the inspiring educational methodologies they sought in their under resourced schools.

The other core of Aman Education is Aman Institute of Vocational Training (AIVT) more popularly known as AMANTECH. As the name suggests, the institute is a centre for vocational or technical training for the masses of Karachi. The concept of AMANTECH originated from the general observation of the fact that most of the population which is deprived of resources to fund higher education wanders about to seek employment to support their family income but due to the fact that they do not have any particular skill supporting their intention, finding their motive becomes a hard task & they have to finally settle either with a job that requires unskilled labor or as a trainee under the guidance of a technician to learn the tricks of the trade from his experience.

Once a thorough survey of the industrial sector was conducted it was observed that an immense shortage of trained technicians lies around the Industrial hub of Karachi despite of the presence of many vocational institutes due to impartation of poor quality of education to the trainees. Amalgamating this fact with the fact mentioned earlier any individual can eye a prospect of transforming the vast unskilled population into skilled/semi skilled workers would not only provide employment opportunity for masses but also would resolve the industrial requirements resulting in an overall growth opportunity for our nation. This motivation is visible in the motto of the institute which states “Transforming lives”.

Eyeing the prospects & having the feasibility the AMANTECH program began with the first intake of students in the year 2011, but long before the intake & initiation of routine classes the process of hiring & training the instructors had begun. Individuals having years of Industrial & technical training backgrounds were inducted & trained rigorously at the institute about the respective course outline of the trades from which they belonged. The course material was developed & verified & the instructors themselves appeared for the City & Guilds (UK) examination; the certifying authority affiliated with AMANTECH in order to judge their credentials as trainers. 

Once the training was completed, the inducted students started to pour in seeking a transformation in their lives. The AMANTECH facility features the most in-demand trades of Automobile, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Mechanical, Electronics, General Electrical, Construction, CAD/CAM, Fabrication, Welding and Pipe working. The beauty of the taught curricula is its global acceptance due to affiliation with City & Guilds an internationally recognized authority for awarding vocational certifications. 

Talking about the individual departments, we would first like to discuss the Automobile department which constitutes the largest population of students at AMANTECH. The department features state of the art simulator engines, transmission modules, engine and bodywork electrical modules. The newly inducted students are trained with special attention towards practical practices by allowing them to rigorously train themselves on non functional engines, transmission & drive train modules while special emphasis is paid on theoretical learning enabling them to understand the in depth details of individual assemblies & sub assemblies. The graduates of Automobile department have found placement in internationally reputed firms unlike Al Futtaim’s Lexus dealer core as well as local employment in well renowned Shahnawaz motors the dealers of Mercedes Pakistan.

The Mechanical department trains individuals for manufacturing techniques based on drilling, shearing, grinding while also paying due attention towards lathe & milling machine operations on which the students develop good command which reflects on the machining projects they are able to come up with.

The Fabrication Welding & Pipe work (FWP) department emphasizes on the fabrication technology of Welding. The students undergo hours of practice of welding different joints utilizing different welding techniques. The department emphasizes on Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) for welding metal plates while due attention is paid towards Oxy Acetylene welding techniques applicable for sheet metal welding operations as well. The graduate students from FWP department are in acute demand in international as well as local industrial sector.

In the General Electric & Electronics department the students are trained to design electrical circuits, Microcontroller based application circuits while basic training of PLC’s is also provided in order to make their application in modernized industrial environment. 

The Refrigeration & Air Conditioning department has curricula that train the individuals to take up the challenge of maintaining HVAC environments in industrial complexes as well as small Refrigeration & Air conditioning units by deeply strengthening their insight into the theoretical as well as practical applications of the vocation.

The CAD/CAM department focuses on the Computer Aided Drawing & Manufacturing training’s utilizing state of the art software’s namely Pro-E & Autocad. The students undergo different levels of trainings both for CAD & CAM & respective level certifications are awarded with respect to the expertise achieved.

The students irrespective of their trades are imparted basic IT skills including basic trainings on MS Office & CAD/CAM skills on Autocad 2D & Pro-E software’s. Along with the necessity of IT, communication in English language to express themselves forms the basis of all the students willing to seek an international career, hence appropriate attention is paid towards the English language skills of every individual at the institute. Basic Management skills, Life skills & ethics are also taught to all the students enabling them to understand the etiquettes & norms of professionalism.

All the individual department’s work in close coordination to satisfy the requirements of the trainings within a short span of time the students are allocated during their stay at AMANTECH. The courses offered vary from a span of 6-18 months depending on the trade requirements & shift timings. 

The current operating capacity of AMANTECH is around 5000 students while a total of 3364 students are currently enrolled in the institute. The institute not only provides training but also pays due attention towards the employment prospects of the students & to cater the need a placement department works independently under the Marketing department of AMANTECH.

With the colossal growth in the population of the students the number of instructors has also grown with most of them being meritorious young engineers from reputable institutes like NED University.

Recently AMANTECH has signed ventures with different educational as well as industrial institutions one of  the noticeable being the execution & implementation of German Pakistan Training Initiative (GPATI) which coordinates with Institute for Advancing Careers & Talents (iACT) Germany to incorporate German methodology of technical training through which students would go through rigorous technical training at the institute while making it mandatory as a part of program to carry out on job training at the associate German industrial alliance namely Lufthansa, BMW, Metro etc. 

The most recent activity in this concern is the signing of Toyota Technical Education Program (TTEP) in collaboration with Indus Motor Company (IMC) to develop a Paint & Body institute in Karachi to develop skilled technicians in the field of Automotive Bodywork Painting.

All in all we cannot sum up the discussion without the identification of fact that the act of philanthropy the institute caries out deserves recognition & support. It’s a financial fact that the facilities provided to individual student cost a whopping 275,000 pkr while the amount they are charged constitutes only 5% of the amount spent for them. Despite of this fact the institute continues to aim high & develop beyond the expectation of many critics. It’s a mere fact that the sustainability of the foundation depends on the support of profitable organizations whether it is in the form of financial or service support.

It’s my request to all the readers to support the cause of the foundation whether in the form of financial aid or by giving the skilled youth a chance to shine at the vicinity of your organization & propel your organization beyond expectations. Cheers!

This exclusive article on AMANTECH, published in Monthly AutoMark Magazine's September-2013, written by Shahzad Tabish.


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