NHMP Allows Entry of Motor Bikes on Motorways


The National Highways & Motorways Police (NHMP) has finally allowed the heavy engine capacity bikes to travel on highways and motorways. The whole biker’s community is excited about the decision as it will give them equal chances to benefit from the motorway driving experience.

The development came after a petition was filed in the court by the members of bikers community of Pakistan against National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) to let them travel on the motorway. They argued that all across the world high engine capacity bikes are allowed to travel on highways and motorways. Bikers communities in the country arrange touring trips to the northern areas of Pakistan and riding through the motorways has not only been a great experience, but it boosted such trips as well where bikers would ride in groups. Tourists from all over the world come to Pakistan and drive on national highways. Not only, the ban will affect the foreign tourists but will also cast a not so good image of Pakistan.

However, NHMP has made its rules for the bikers and has allowed their admittance to motorways on some conditions.

The following are some of the salient features what NHMP demands from bikers on the motorways:
Those who want to ride on the highways should get permission in the form of Biker Card, which only NHMP can issue.
To get a card, a biker should possess a valid license for motorbike issued from NHMP.
The minimum age limit for acquisition of a Biker Card should be at least 30 years of age.

All motorbikes on motorways must have a valid number plate.
The maximum speed limit on highways will be 110 km/h.
Bikers will be allowed to enter on highways only from sunrise to sunset.
Pillion riding shall be prohibited on motorways.
Motorbike below 600cc engine displacement will not be allowed on motorways.
Racing will not be allowed. The rider must wear protective gear at all times.

Automark contacted to Zahid Malik, Founder & Head of Safe Riding of Pakistan Bikers Club in Lahore for his opinion about the matter.

Malik welcomes NHMP’s decision to lift the ban on a motorcycle and allowed the high capacity bikes to ride on highways and motorways.

He said, “technically it is good that NHMP has made some rules that will not only encourage the safe bike riding but also ensure the better discipline, transparency, and responsible behavior on motorways and highways”.

He explained,“though some bike enthusiasts are angry over the age limit but putting the age restriction is a good step to promote the responsible and decent behavior on highways. The highway is a fast track. You don’t have a margin to make any mistake. A single mistake would not only impact the bike riders but also create trouble to other vehicles on the motorway as well”.

About the verified number plate restriction, Malik said, this is a good step on behalf of the NHMP as it will restrict the moving of smuggled vehicles across the country.

Talking about the tourist bikers, he said, “the conditions should be flexible for international bike riders as they are already experienced riding on all the major and fast tracks of the world. He also mentioned, giving some flexibility in conditions to tourist bikers will not only welcome the bikers from all over the world but will also highlight the positive image of Pakistan”

We wish biker’s community all the best and also hope that after this ban uplifting, they would comply with all the rules and regulations specified by NHMP for their safety and the safety of others.

by Aqsa Mirza

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