Service Tyres introduces heart touching TVC to ensure human safety


In a bid to educate motorists about the importance of tyre safety and maintenance, Service Tyre launches a new TVC that taps into the insight that bikers are family men who have responsibility towards their family and if their bike’s tyres are weak that may lead to cost much at the end.

Servis Tyres has used an emotional appeal in this advertisement to show how the individual’s family is dependent on him. As a son, as a husband and as a father, each of them has different expectations from him. They wait for him to come home safely each day.

When driving a motorbike in Pakistan’s traffic and roads, Servis Tyres makes sure that these tyres are built to work accordingly. For example, when a car takes a drastic turn towards the end of the ad, he immediately pushes the brakes and the bike stops smoothly because the tyres have a good grip on the road.

Since the majority of the Pakistani population drives a motorbike, Servis Tyres offers the best tyres in the market. They are strong, sturdy with an extraordinary grip. It offers a range of tyres for various bikes that are built to last.

They are certainly one of the market leaders today which is catering to a wide audience and with this advertisement, it shows that when a bike has Servis tyres, one does not ever need to worry about driving a motorbike on jagged roads of Pakistan.

As the tagline says, “Grip Servisjesi, toufikarkesi” which translates to “With a grip like Servis, Why Worry.”

This heart-touching and emotional ad is launched just before the holy month of Ramzan and people are appreciating the concept of the ad.

As we know, tire pressure is the biggest influence on your bike’s ride quality and handling. In fact, if it is not of good quality and upgraded at all—it will cost you more then you think.

Service Tyre always strives to introduce new and more advanced Bike tyres which are exactly up to the European standards and are built of utilizing German innovative technology. Since its start, Service Tyre is committed to quality, state-of-the-art production facilities and innovative approach to manufacturing premium tyres for its customers in Pakistan.

Good quality tyres benefit from improved stopping distances, fuel economy, grip and lower noise levels. Servis Tyres is a renowned name in Tyres and Tubes. The brand always strives to innovate new tyre designs on a regular basis. With a range of products, the company caters to all customers segments, be it an OEM, replacement market or an export customer.

by Aqsa Mirza & Neha Murtaza


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